Tour de France: One for the good guys

Let’s look back at the 2012 Tour de France! After La Planche des Belles Filles, we drove a little way off the course to our hotel in Mulhouse, which is not far from the Swiss border. ..

Tour de France: La Planche des Belles Filles

In late May, we poured over maps of the stages of the Tour de France. This year, we said, we would travel to see the cyclists climb the real mountains that we’ve seen so many times on TV.

Our April

We went from this…

To this…

And then returned home to this…

Going native — for the moment

When we moved to Dublin, just over four years ago, I had many coats. Unfortunately, all of them were far more appropriate to the temperatures and seasons of Chicagoland. ..

We <3 Zwolle

Anita’s work frequently takes her to Zwolle, a city of about 120,000 in the western half of the Netherlands. Will tags along, as often as he can.
We like Zwolle, a lot.

I speak French with a German accent, apparently

I had to travel to Morocco to get a straight answer. French adults don’t acknowledge my accent, bless their hearts. French children just say that I talk funny.

Cruise Photos: Corfu / Kerkyra

We were promised sun in Luxembourg yesterday, but we got something more like early winter. So my thoughts turned to our cruise to the Greek Islands this spring.

Cruise Day 3: Dubrovnik

Day Three of our cruise (in May and June of this year) took us to Venice’s medieval rival: Ragusa. It is now known as Dubrovnik, Croatia — and it’s an UNESCO Heritage Site! ..

Cruise photos, at last!

You may remember that, this May, we celebrated our long-term success with a cruise. Now, our short-term delay in posting our photos from that cruise has come to an end!

German adventures, Day 3: Baden-Baden and tantrums

Technically, we arrived in Baden-Baden at the end of a long day two. ..