Back from the Mediterranean

The year 2009 was a game-changing proposition for the Bugle, as we moved and expanded our online and bricks-and-mortar presence. Once the dust settled, Bugle HR proposed an innovative one-time award for the best-and-brightest contributors to the enterprise. Two employees were selected to enjoy almost two weeks on a cruise on the Aegean Sea, almost entirely disconnected from the internet-based environment that defines their working lives.

The Bugle Corporate Suite attempted to avoid discord arising from the exclusive nature of the award by not revealing the identities of the recipients. A lack of internal security just days before the cruise led, sadly, to the intrusion of union representatives into the issue.

During the absence of the two gifted and valued employees, union leaders unilaterally commanded Bugle staff to engage in workplace retribution. The legality of those tactics is under review by corporate counsel. It is lamentable that the direct effect of those tactics was that no posts were published to the Bakker Bugle Blog during the past several days.

The Bugle does not anticipate any long-term interruptions in our quality of service. Indeed, we are delighted to begin to share with you the content voluntarily produced by our two outstanding Shooting Star award winners: Will and Anita Bakker.

Through their extraordinary commitment to the Bugle 24/7 Workplace Vision, they experienced magnificent sailways, like this one through the Giudecca Canal of Venice.
Venice Sailaway
As a direct result of a cooperative approach to the Bugle’s In Step with Your Superiors program, they walked the same ground as the Ancient Olympians of Sparta.
Olympia Ruins
Due to their completion of the Six Tasks to Save Your Job, they ate with the most elegant of dinner companions in the exotic town of Rhodes.
Dinner Companions
And, of course, they recharged their batteries — preparing for June’s Unpaid-Overtime Challenge — on the spectacular black sand beaches of Santorini.
You can look forward to more posts based on the genuinely enterprise-sustaining work done by our finest and most agreeable employees, as they work to regain the Bugle quality standards that have been regrettably relaxed during their well-deserved (but non-precedent-setting) reward.

3 Comments to “Back from the Mediterranean”

  1. Dave said...
    9 June 2010

    Well, I’m glad that things are back on track. What a great was to reward your star employees!

  2. The Expatresse said...
    10 June 2010

    Ha! Very clever post.

    Must arrange for some sort of joint team building exercise soon.

  3. Will said...
    10 June 2010

    Thanks, Expatresse. Due to the number of times we need to explain our lack of posts, we have plenty of opportunities to get creative.