Cruise Day 3: Dubrovnik

Day Three of our cruise (in May and June of this year) took us to Venice’s medieval rival: Ragusa. It is now known as Dubrovnik, Croatia — and it’s an UNESCO Heritage Site! So we could tick another box on the list, at the very least.

Regardless of what the UN thinks, Dubrovnik was an ideal stop for us. It’s a gorgeous walled city with lots of historical significance, from the first millennium to the present day. We walked around the high city walls and then descended into the Old Town for more.

We have lots of photos to share — as usual, in two photosets on Flickr:

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see:

The Franjo Tuđman Bridge, leading to Dubrovnik: our first perspective on the city as we docked in Gruž, about 3km from the Old City.

The tiled roofs of the Old City make it instantly recognizable.

The city’s history is marked by sieges, from the Venetians to the Ottomans, to the Yugoslav army and navy in 1991. Almost all the roofs were destroyed in the Siege of 1991.

We did find time to relax in sunny Dubrovnik, sharing the Market Square (Gunduliceva Poljana) with some of the locals.

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