German adventures, Day 3: Baden-Baden and tantrums

Technically, we arrived in Baden-Baden at the end of a long day two. We checked into our hotel, found a lovely place to dine al fresco (with blankets to help keep us warm in the chilly May air) and enjoyed a relaxing night after a busy and interesting day. We retired early, intending to spend the day exploring the town and possibly a bit of the Black Forest south of town.

The BBB&B favorite guide Rick had a walk through Baden-Baden that hit all the major (and some of the minor) sights. The photoset will take you through the details, but I thought I would give you a preview of some of the lovely things.

Blooming flower beds
Garden Trinkhaus
Beautiful buildings
Evangelical Church
Deutche Treat

And, of course, sun and smiles
One of many fountains
After we finished Rick’s walk, we decided we could use a short break and possibly a light refreshment. We found a lovely place near the river which seemed to be perfect – in the sun, with good beers and wines and a nice atmosphere.
Lovely Place in Baden-Baden
It wasn’t long, though, before some deep, dark and menacing clouds floated above. The Ladies of Baden-Baden had a decision to make: stay at our table under the umbrella or make a run for it through the gentle rain. As we were debating the decision, large drops of rain started to fall – in earnest. It was an outrageous downpour. Under our umbrella we were safe and dry, but had we tried to leave we would have been soaked through instantly. Jaime took a long look at the rain and declared it a “tantrum.” She was confident that the weather, much like a difficult two-year-old, was simply throwing a fit. She predicted a quick end to such terrible weather. Sharon and I had faith in her declaration and we decided to wait out the rain – with a second drink and a delicious lunch!

Jaime was right. Within 20 minutes the rain had spent itself, much like an exhausted toddler. The clouds passed and we were again left with a sunny sky and a beautiful day. The only lingering down-side was our abuse of the word tantrum for the rest of the visit. But it wouldn’t be a road trip without a little tantrum, now would it?

After our long repast, we finally ventured to the car. We headed into the Black Forest for a while, before turning towards Luxembourg. Will was happy to see us arrive safely home, with a plan to stay local for a few days. Next up: exploring Luxembourg!

[Ed. note: As expected, we haven’t even gotten the May photos and posts up before our 4 July deadline. The staff continues to be “under water” from dealing with necessary business travel, World Cup games and holiday parties. The remainder of July looks promising for the staff to get caught up on some of the outstanding items, unless the Netherlands wins the World Cup. If that occurs the staff makes no promises as to when you’ll see a cruise photo. Hup Holland!]

4 Comments to “German adventures, Day 3: Baden-Baden and tantrums”

  1. The Expatresse said...
    9 July 2010

    THANK YOU for finding the Contador/Schleck ad. That cracks me up every time I see it. I looked for it the other day, and couldn’t find it.

  2. Dave said...
    9 July 2010

    I have been watching the tour for a while now, and I have never seen Andy eat 21 energy gels AND a whole fried chicken.

  3. Anita said...
    10 July 2010

    Dave – You haven’t seen him eat a whole fried turkey because he does it back at the lair (the secret party pond). Didn’t you see the turkey fryer in the background?

    I love “did totally too”

  4. Dave said...
    19 July 2010

    Commenting on the Tumblr- I am very happy I can finally get my 750ml sized wine glass. “How much to you have to drink?” “Only one glass”