Women’s Pro Cycling in Luxembourg: Grand Prix Elsy Jacobs

Back in 2011, we spent a lovely spring afternoon at a women’s pro cycling race called the Grand Prix Elsy Jacobs. ..

Springtime Prompt Post

Are you tired of looking at that snowy photo from the last post? I am.
It took a long time for spring to arrive in Luxembourg, compared to the past three years. ..

Snow in Luxembourg, Part 1

After two days of sun and relatively warm weather, it’s safe to bring out our photos of this winter’s snowfall in Luxembourg. It was the most cold and snowy winter since we arrived here. ..

More Christmas Market Photos

One of the good things about living in the city is that the Christmas Market is a place that I pass by — or wander through — on my way to other things. ..

Huet den Houseker der eng Rutt bruet?

Translation: Did the man in black bring you a stick?

Gebuertsdag vum Ierfgroussherzog Guillaume

Today marks the thirty-first birthday of Prince Guillaume, The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg. And that comes just a few weeks after his marriage to Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy. ..

Our April

We went from this…

To this…

And then returned home to this…

Queen Beatrix visits Luxembourg!

This is a prompt post on something that happened TODAY!
One of the many parts of my job at A Big Corporation is to get government approvals, which we call apostilles. ..

Léiwe Kleeschen, gudde Kleeschen

Kind Saint Nicolas, Good Saint Nicolas,
brings us all kinds of good things… — Traditional Luxembourgish Carol
Schéi Kleeserchersdag! Happy Saint Nicholas Day! ..

Something for the kids

One thing that holds true across the Western world as we know it: Christmas is devoted to the children. ..