More Christmas Market Photos

One of the good things about living in the city is that the Christmas Market is a place that I pass by — or wander through — on my way to other things. So I get to know the season’s decorations very well, and the sight usually lifts my spirits just a little bit.

Furthermore, I occasionally remember to bring a camera and take some photos to share!

The main area of Luxembourg-Ville’s Christmas Market, at night.

Even quiet streets are decorated with lights.

Town Hall (Hôtel de Ville)

On December 7, we had about two inches of snow — sticky, beautiful snow that flocked all the trees.

Anita and I met at the Christmas Market for lunch.

We had gromperekichelcher, of course!

Place Guillaume

The plaza in front of the Grand Duke’s Palace.

Looking down into the Grund, from the café of the City Museum.

One of the forested valleys leading away from the city.

Place Clairefontaine

City employees get cool tools. This is a walk-behind plow. It was followed by a walk-behind snow-brush.

Snow was still falling (and blowing) but Anita insisted on the Ferris wheel.

There were covered gondolas, but what’s the point of that?

So we braved the wind to bring to you photos like this one …and the photos that follow.

After that ride, we needed to warm up.

Time for glühwein in the 2012 commemorative mug!

Will couldn’t wait to sip his.

We liked the view in the new section of the Christmas Market.

Anita strikes a pose.

The fortress-remnant on the way home.

There were snowmen all over the city — something new for us.

I read that Chicago is setting records for its snowless December. I hope that when it falls, it will be as pretty as Luxembourg’s.

3 Comments to “More Christmas Market Photos”

  1. Cheerful Drinker said...
    21 December 2012

    Yeah for glühwein mug pictures!! The picture of the snowy bridge is awesome. You guys should consider offering BBB&B calendars of the prior year’s best pics… :)

  2. Rachel said...
    21 December 2012

    Great photos. It’s nice that you were able to catch the snow (it all melted pretty quickly after that – the last week and a half were practically constant rain).

  3. Dave said...
    23 December 2012

    It is so beautiful! I especially like the Lixembourg-Ville crew keeping the streets clear with their toys.