Snow in Luxembourg, Part 1

After two days of sun and relatively warm weather, it’s safe to bring out our photos of this winter’s snowfall in Luxembourg. It was the most cold and snowy winter since we arrived here. As good Illinoisans, we didn’t mind it a bit. A few more sunny days would have been nice… but we don’t miss late-winter lake-effect snow at all.

As soon as the snow stopped on January 16, I walked to some of my favorite spots in Luxembourg-Ville.

The Cathedral and Pont Adolphe

The park that Anita walks through every morning on her way to work.

Still along Anita’s commute.

Anita and a great website about statues concur: this is a memorial for Amélie von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach. With a name like that, she may require her own blog post once the flowers at her feet bloom.

Still in the Municipal Park, but walking towards the Alzette Valley.

In front of the nicest retirement home in the world.

The extra-super-deluxe version of the Luxembourg-Ville tour includes this tree, which was planted in 1921 to celebrate the birth of Prince (late Grand-Duke) Jean. It’s a horse-chestnut, fellow dendrophiles!

The Alzette Valley

Looking toward the Three Acorns castle, a site along our favorite hike within the city.

The Bock. To be frank, I’m not happy with how my photos of the valley turned out — and I can’t diagnose the problem with how I shot them. There’s still so much to learn about photography.

The Red Bridge

Symbols of the Grand Ducal family and the Fondation Pescatore.

I caught a bus to the shopping mall in Kirchberg to meet friends. On the way, I snapped this photo of the Philharmonie building.

Sure, slushy roads are the same everywhere. But here in Europe, we have slushy boulevards.

Okay, okay, dirty snow really is the same everywhere.

Here’s a well-placed advert for a sunny vacation.

Luxembourg City workers have the best toys. Although it doesn’t snow here very often, they have some very fancy snow-removal equipment.

More to come! This set doesn’t even get us through the first snowfall.

4 Comments to “Snow in Luxembourg, Part 1”

  1. Deb Beeson said...
    7 March 2013

    HI Anita and Will! Such great pictures. European cities seem to treasure their history and buildings while also growing into the 21st century. How are you two doing? We are doing pretty good. Having snow here but will be in the 50’s on Saturday! Jim’s grandson, J. D. Beeson, was born on January 31. Step son Scott and wife Anne are first time parents and we skype as often as possible. They still live in San Diego. The distance is hard especially now. The kids plan to come and visit in a few weeks. Yeah!!! Love you and take care!

  2. Selsum Blue said...
    8 March 2013

    Amélie vSWE has some wicked dandruff!

  3. Rachel said...
    11 March 2013

    Great photos. Now if the weather would just warm up for good!

  4. helen said...
    24 October 2013

    wonderful winter photos.
    any chance I could use one of them for our company christmas card? I will of course reference your blog;
    Please let me know.
    many thanks