Culture Shock, Frozen Windshield edition

So get this:
Dubliners use water to remove frost from the windshields of their cars.

Kenosha and Dublin: financially bound

I started listening to NPR’s Planet Money podcast to understand why The Reserve money market fund broke the buck. ..

Protest against Budget 2009

Last week, Ireland’s Government presented its budget for 2009 with the theme, “solidarity and patriotic action in most difficult and uncertain times.” The prevailing response to the the Fianna Fail party, in particular its Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, was that they chose the right tune but played too many notes off-key. ..

Open House Dublin 2008 is this weekend

The Open House Dublin event last year was one of our best Dublin experiences. This weekend is the 2008 Open House event. ..

Weather update: Dublin

Last week was gorgeous — sunny and warm. I’d call it an Indian summer.
Yesterday, the temperature seemed to drop a few degrees with every rain shower that passed through. Today is cold. ..

The Doorbell After Dark

The doorbell rang after 10:30 last night. Anita woke me up to ask if I’d heard it. The radio was playing in our bedroom, and I insisted that it was just a sound effect from some commercial.

City Cycle on the South Side, Sunday

After our outstanding experience last year, we were not about to let the 2008 Dublin City Cycle pass us by. ..

Last Sunday: Festival of Street Culture

I learned about the Kings of Concrete festival late last week, and I barely remembered to go at midday on Sunday.

Summer Arrives!

It was summer today!
Hip hip, hooray!
It was a really warm day!

Links, 16 July 2008

Links to peruse at your leisure, presented in no particular order.

French Prez Sarkozy will visit Dublin Monday

After the defeat of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland, Sarkozy has been downright intimidating about Ireland’s role in the EU. ..