How French is like golf, to me

I pray your indulgence as I attempt to articulate my present stage in learning French.

Regarding my unwarranted skepticism

To Whom It May Concern:
At several social functions during our recent visit to the US, my spouse Will told a somewhat humorous story involving the shooting of a movie in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. ..

Globe construction progress report

The work of building our world continues apace.
I thought you might enjoy seeing the progress after the first evening of solid puzzleball work.

European History 101, painlessly

Was your New Year’s Resolution to become familiar with European history? ..

My husband gave me the world for Christmas (twice)

Two years ago, one of my Christmas presents from Will was a globe. ..

Happy New Year! Now behave yourselves.

Happy New Year from Bugle Enterprises! Our executive staff celebrated the arrival of the new year in a 767, high above the Atlantic Ocean. ..