Happy New Year! Now behave yourselves.

Happy New Year from Bugle Enterprises! Our executive staff celebrated the arrival of the new year in a 767, high above the Atlantic Ocean. To be honest, we slept through the whole thing, waking to a smooth landing in a slightly snowy northern Europe.

After much thought, we decided to try a new policy regarding comments. We will now hide comments as we deem necessary. We won’t have explicit standards for acceptability, but if you followed the comment threads through 2009, you’ll know what to expect.

One more thing: You don’t need to use your real name in the comments, but do pick one name and stick with it. We do appreciate a good pun now and again, but one or two of our regular commenters have gotten carried away.

We’ll try the new policy for about three months, so feel free to make suggestions as we go — being constructive and respectful, of course. If you think that your contributions are being unfairly expurgated, please contact our moderators via the Bugle contact form.

Tous nos meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année!

1 Comment to “Happy New Year! Now behave yourselves.”

  1. Anne Gree said...
    6 January 2010

    Frankly, I’m disappointed. Where’s the fun in that?