Have you noticed the poll on the right side of this blog? ..

London Plane Trees

The turning of the leaves in Dublin and London seems to be less spectacular than in the US, but there’s no question that autumn is here. ..

Help with Bugle Flickr

I noticed that the photo featured on the sidebar of this blog gets dozens of visits, but the rest of the photos in the same set get about a quarter as many visits. ..

Commenter of the Fortnight

In order to keep our levels of service at the excellent levels that our customers expect, it has been decided that commenters to the Bakker Bugle Blog will be honored on a fortnightly basis. ..

A Memorial to Ireland’s 2007 Rugby Team

I assume that only the most inquisitive American sports fans know that the 2007 Rugby World Cup is in its final stages. ..

Make a Connolly-o-lantern for Halloween

Give the corporatists in your neighborhood a real scare this Halloween! Make your very own James Connolly pumpkin this Halloween — an exclusive for Bugle readers.
It’s easy! ..

A Killing in Fitzwilliam Square

A shocking wave of violence swept over our neighbourhood today. Fitzwilliam Square was quiet this afternoon, and I sat enjoying the sun on a bench overlooking the lawn. ..

Back in the R.O.I.

We’re back home after a great trip to London. Here are a few snapshots of my mental states to give you an idea. You can expect more in the new few days.

Hop across the Irish Sea

Hello, silly residents of North America, with your huge continental countries.
Anita and I will take an 80 minute flight to London early Saturday morning for a little trip abroad. ..

Fitzwilliam Inauguration

I have it, on good authority, that rich people hold galas to celebrate how great rich people are. ..