Is Hurling Violent? Part 1 of 2

From the first impressions that I posted, you may think my answer is “yes.” I’d like to correct those first impressions. ..

Two tugs, Tina. Only two tugs.

As Will said yesterday, we are really excited to get the sea shipment. ..

Seventy percent unpacked

One of Anita’s friends said that you reach a point of despair in unpacking: You are 70% unpacked, and you have no idea where to put anything that you unpack beyond that. ..

Paper Paper Everywhere

So far, the toughest part of unpacking is the grey paper wrapped around everything. ..

Our stuff arrived!

Our shipment of stuff from the States arrived this morning! This is the shipment that went by sea. It was unloaded in less than two hours, by two young men and their supervisor. ..

Nautical Twilight

Tonight, I had a wonderful Dublin evening. Anita was on the phone for a long conversation at about eight, and I took a walk to my new favorite place, the Grand Canal.

First impression of hurling

We put Sunday’s hurling match between Waterford and Cork on our DVR, and here’s a summary of our impressions of hurling after about 10 minutes:

Weather Symbols in Ireland

Here’s today’s forecast from Met Eireann, the Republic’s weather service.

The symbol in the lower left corner is the typical weather for Dublin. ..

Call us on the line

Call us, call us anytime. Call us!
Well, we have possession of our 847 phone number — the same one we had for seven years in Gurnee. And it rings here in Dublin. ..

We hit the 21st Century — Watch Out!

One surprising aspect about moving to Dublin is how it has forced Will and me into the 21st Century. In Gurnee, we had basic cable and one old mobile phone that we shared. ..