Reflections on 8 days of sun

I did a fair amount of research over the 8 days of sun that ended today, and I came to a conclusion. When the sun is out in Dublin, it is at least as strong as the sun in Gurnee in mid-May. ..

US phone number: still waiting

Our apologies to anyone who tried to call our old phone number in the 847 area code. It will work, sometime soon! ..

Sunny weather => narcissism

Dublin has seen almost seven days of sun — real sun, with no clouds to speak of. It’s crazy! I feel like the city has welcomed me personally. ..

Cardinals Shirt Count: Week 1

Cardinals shirts seen in Dublin, 1-7 June 2007:
This count does not include my own shirts. ..


The first few months of the Bakker Bugle will involve lots of experimentation. This blog is supposed to be an easy way for us to publish the little details of our lives here in Dublin.