Two tugs, Tina. Only two tugs.

As Will said yesterday, we are really excited to get the sea shipment. There were so many little things that we were missing here in Dublin – little things that would make our lives more comfortable and more like home. We never stopped to consider, or at least I never stopped to consider, that every little thing in our life would be individually wrapped in 1.85 sheets of paper.

The cardboard boxes and paper have quickly taken over our apartment. Will decided to follow the same method I used with the air shipment. Each sheet of packing paper is spread as flat as possible and stacked. Leaving it crumpled would have quickly run us out of the apartment. However, my perfectionist tendencies to get each sheet as flat as possible and stacked orderly don’t correspond with the several million pieces of packing paper currently sharing our living space. Will watched me for about thirty seconds before he declared that I only got “two tugs” per sheet. While I would happy to smooth and straighten for several moments, that approach would mean that we would still be dealing with packing paper come St. Patrick’s day.

Will has found that the last two days have made him an expert on the guys that wrapped and packed our goods back in Gurnee. Each one of them has a style and Will can guess with surprising accuracy which member of the team packed a particular box. I’m not sure precisely how this skill will help him in the future, but he often applies his knowledge in new and unusual ways.

We’re making progress. Another few days of backbreaking labor for Will and the apartment should be in good shape. It’s worth all the effort to have the things that make a house a home back with us.

3 Comments to “Two tugs, Tina. Only two tugs.”

  1. Theodora said...
    27 June 2007

    I hear you! Your issues echo so many of mine – especially with my move here to my tiny apartment in nyc (especially the 70% unpacked part!!!). I’m thrilled to hear you have your stuff! I am truly excited for you guys and living vicariously through your posts really brings a smile to me and makes me genuinely excited for you!!
    I miss you both so much (even though i know – i didn’t see you too much, and you are arguably closer) and am so happy you are having a great time.
    Love you both and I’m waving at you from across the pond.

  2. Katherine said...
    27 June 2007

    I’m pretty sure we still have a box or two sitting around unpacked from out last move….over two years ago. Good luck with that. By the time you get the last box unpacked, you’ll be moving again.

  3. Doug said...
    28 June 2007

    ummmm……maybe this is too obvious, but why don’t u make a trip to the dumpster with those boxes and paper…….please tell me you are not keeping some of it for if u move again!