Luxembourg News Update: 18 Sept ’09

From the annals of local news, as brought to the attention of the Bugle staff by ARA City Radio, here is your probably-soon-to-be weekly Luxembourg update:

Police arrested a man in Fennange, near Bettembourg with a samurai sword in his car. He was on his way back to a bar where he’d had an argument with another of the customers. He’d told the other man he would be back with his samurai sword to sort out the matter. But the police were able to stop him before he could get into the bar, and confiscated the sword. He also lost his driving license on the spot after failing a breath test.
Police had to intervene in no fewer than 6 fights on Saturday night. Two men and a woman came to blows in Schouweiler, with one of them ending up in hospital. A larger group starting fighting in Grevenmacher after residents tracked down two men who had thrown stones through a window. There was a punch-up in a pub in Troisvierges, a melee at a meeting in Ell, and neighbours in dispute in Wiltz. And rounding off a busy night for the police, a worker beat up his boss in Dudelange.
A policeman had his professional mettle tested on Monday night in Howald. He and his colleague came across a car parked across the middle of the road, with a door open and its engine running. Not far away there was a drunk woman, running and dancing around in the street. When the policeman approached her, she gave him a great big hug. He asked her to take a breath test, but she refused several times before sitting down and bursting into tears. Showing no mercy, the officer confiscated her driving license.
Dairy farmers are planning a day of action in the capital today (Friday). This time they’re pouring away 150 000 liters of milk into the ground in fields in Gasperich and Bettembrourg. At 3 o’clock this afternoon they’re coming into the city centre, and demanding to meet the prime minister. They’ll also be distributing free milk on the Place Guillaume. The protests are being organised the LDB union, which is the most militant of the dairy farmers’ unions, representing 1 in 8 of the country’s milk producers.
Thieves disguised as police officers are operating in the Grand Duchy. On Wednesday two gained access to the apartment of an elderly lady and robbed her of cash and jewellery. They told her they were investigating a man who had helped her carry her shopping earlier that morning. Crucially, both of the fake police only spoke French to the woman. The real police here can all speak fluent Luxembourgish. Even if the police officer claims to be from the French, German or Belgian police, if they are in the Grand Duchy, they must be accompanied by a local officer who can speak Luxembourgish.

A genuine note of appreciation: Thanks to ARA City Radio for providing a text version of their amusingly written local news on the web. All news items are copyright City Radio Productions S.A.