Face Posters: Trading Cards #1

For a very limited time
Download and print out your very own trading cards of the best Face Posters of Ireland 2009! ..

Dublin Politics = Face Posters

This week brought the return of Anita’s beloved “face posters,” the primary form of campaigning that we’ve noticed. ..

White House Diplomacy and the American Idea

No, this isn’t a very late endorsement for Barack Obama. (Will and Anita made personal endorsements during the 2008 campaign. ..

In the papers: Major Irish political parties stumbling

The falling popularity of two major political parties in Ireland would be no surprise to anyone who regularly reads the Irish daily newspapers. ..

Ninetieth Anniversary of The First Dáil Éireann

The Bugle is a bit tardy in reporting the 90th anniversary of the first independent parliament of Ireland. ..

One request regarding Blago

Our Illinois friends and family asked us: “Did you hear about the Governor?” The short answer is “Yes.” I’d like your help in getting the long answer just right.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 60 years

I hope that your news source of choice has a piece on the 60th anniversary of adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ..

Protest against Budget 2009

Last week, Ireland’s Government presented its budget for 2009 with the theme, “solidarity and patriotic action in most difficult and uncertain times.” The prevailing response to the the Fianna Fail party, in particular its Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, was that they chose the right tune but played too many notes off-key. ..

Recommended Listening: Looking at the US

Ordinary Dubliners want to talk about the coming election for the US Presidency, given any excuse. In fact, the Europeans we meet want to talk about the coming election, given any excuse.

Constitution Day already?

It seems like just a few months ago that we celebrated Constitution Day 2007. ..