Your great-great-great-great-great-grandfather’s Labor Day sale

“The Big One-Day Retail Sale is dead.” If someone told me that, I’d find it quite plausible. ..

She’s got the whole world in her hands

It wasn’t easy – but we’ve finally put our world together. It took two more marathon sessions, but we finished our puzzleball globe. ..

Regarding my unwarranted skepticism

To Whom It May Concern:
At several social functions during our recent visit to the US, my spouse Will told a somewhat humorous story involving the shooting of a movie in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. ..

My husband gave me the world for Christmas (twice)

Two years ago, one of my Christmas presents from Will was a globe. ..

Substance Trial Survey (Bovril)

Substance Trial Survey, Preparation Phase (Page 1)

Test Series: T-0438 (Bovril)
Subject Name: Will Bakker
Date and Time: 6 Dec 2009, 13:08

Conditions: Subject did not fast, but had a St Nicholas’s Day breakfast of a “bonhomme” and citrus fruit. ..

Christmas Markets are go!

We searched for a Christmas Market all last weekend, without any luck. On Tuesday, we took a short drive to Germany to see Trier, purportedly Germany’s oldest city. ..

Free Advice for Landlords, particularly owners of investment property

I wrote the following screed after cleaning our bathrooms and bedrooms carefully enough to remind me of the all the little things that I would fix, if it were my property. ..

New Coat Sunday!

From the title above, one might think that this will be an action-packed story about Anita or Will going to a Luxembourgish mall to purchase a coat (on a Sunday).

The wine glass that ate Luxembourg

We knew that Ville-Haute was the premier shopping district in Luxembourg before we even visited the city. ..

Kissy Puppy, Happy Games

Monday’s dinnertime can be a bit tedious. It’s been only ten hours since the weekend of shared experiences, so there isn’t much news to report. ..