The Tour de France: the October stages

The Tour isn’t over until the UCI says it is.
Alberto Contador finished the riding stages of the Tour de France on July 25, with the best time of all the competitors. ..

What was behind the big protest?

Why did thousands of people come to Place Clairefontaine last Thursday? As always, there is a simple answer that glosses a complex situation.

A little late to the big protest

I tell you what, let’s forget the fact that you’re coming a little late to the party and embrace the fact that you showed up at all. *
I like a good protest as much as your average expat — much more, probably. ..

Best of the Tumble, 12 Sept 2010

Alert readers have noticed, by now, a list of intriguing links and comments in the rightmost column of this blog. This is the Bugle Tumble. ..

Vertigo at the Schueberfouer

The Schueberfouer will end Wednesday, so we visited one more time this Sunday. It was packed! We took lots of photos, of course, to give you a feel for the event.

Your great-great-great-great-great-grandfather’s Labor Day sale

“The Big One-Day Retail Sale is dead.” If someone told me that, I’d find it quite plausible. ..