More Tour photos

You’re surely anxious to see the rest of our photos from Stage 14 of the Tour de France, on July 18th. ..

Tour de France photos, with descriptions!

Although we did not secure a press pass for this year’s Tour de France, the Bugle sent a crack team of correspondents to Alsace to cover Stage 14 for our readers. ..

Pop Quiz

What two things were never seen in Dublin, but can be seen in Luxembourg?
1. Anita’s shoulders
2. Anita’s ankles
Folks, it hit 80 degrees here today. It was practically a proper summer.

French Phrase for today: Faire le pont

Today I met my tutor for my sixth French lesson in the past fourteen days. I returned home with a French phrase that I’d like to share, and a set of photos to show you part of our new world. ..

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

Happy Bastille Day!
This holiday celebrates the customary event that marks beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, the storming of the Bastille prison (and temporary armory in July 1789). ..

B&B progress report

Greetings, faithful readers! The Bakker Bugle enterprise appreciates your interest in the latest advances in Bugle products and services. ..

Kissy Puppy, Happy Games

Monday’s dinnertime can be a bit tedious. It’s been only ten hours since the weekend of shared experiences, so there isn’t much news to report. ..