More Tour photos

You’re surely anxious to see the rest of our photos from Stage 14 of the Tour de France, on July 18th. We drove straight from Sundhoffen to Delle, to see the cyclists get ready for the toughest climb of the day.

This stage was the last before the Tour entered the Swiss Alps. It wasn’t expected to be too exciting, since most of the yellow-jersey strategy centered on the Alpine climbs. We chose to attend this stage mostly due to the fact that it was as close as possible to Luxembourg, and on a Saturday. Next year, the Tour will be even more accessible: it will start in Rotterdam, and there are rumors that it might through Luxembourg. (The route announcement typically occurs in October.)

I didn’t bring a radio to listen to the coverage, and I still have trouble following the French anyway. So we learned that Stage 14 had its moments — when we got home. The most interesting bit, for cycling fans, was that American George Hincapie almost gained the yellow jersey. The online article from Bicycling gives a little insight into the importance of teams on the Tour.

We have plenty of photos, of course. The first set is la crème de la crème, with extensive descriptions. The others are extras for the truly devoted.

Finally, a preview:
Center of Delle, at a turn
Hard work in the rain
The wet road home

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