Tour de Luxembourg: Part 2 of 2

The Tour de France is reaching its climax, so naturally the Bugle turns its attentions to the Tour of Luxembourg of early June 2011. (Plus, yesterday’s rest day gave me some extra time to catch up.) Part One took you to the opening time-trial in Luxembourg-Ville (the Prologue), and from the beginning of Stage 1 in the west of the country to the end in the south-east. ..

Tour de Luxembourg: Part 1 of 2

This time last year, just after the 2010 Tour of Luxembourg, Luxembourgish pro cyclists Frank and Andy Schleck were offered leading roles on a new Luxembourgish pro team. ..

Ajax, Part Three: The Aftermath

In this, the final episode of my Amsterdam adventure, I make a lot of Amsterdammer friends in the midst of a city delirious with the home team’s success.

Ajax, Part Two: Lands Kampions!

In Part One, I told you how our group of American tourists saw the lead-up to the big game between Ajax and Twente. ..

Ajax in Amsterdam, Part One

Editor’s Note: Today we welcome a new contributor to the Bakker Bugle Blog: Dave! We’ll let his work speak for itself, for now.

“A randonée is not a race.”

Yesterday, I did this.

Let me provide a translation.
This event is a randonnée, which is a waymarked ride rather than a race. ..

The Tour de France: the October stages

The Tour isn’t over until the UCI says it is.
Alberto Contador finished the riding stages of the Tour de France on July 25, with the best time of all the competitors. ..

Will Bakker, International TV star

Many, many people do crazy, crazy things to attract the cameras covering the Tour de France.

Tour de France: Way Back in Belgium

This year’s Tour de France is one of the most exciting in recent memory, especially after yesterday’s events.
Two weeks ago, the Tour began with a few stages in Holland and Belgium. ..

La main d’Henry qualifie la France

“Henry’s hand qualifies France” — that’s my translation of the front page of L’essentiel this morning.

First, a short version of last night’s events: Ireland traveled to Paris to play the second match in a two-match series against France. ..