Tour de France: Way Back in Belgium

This year’s Tour de France is one of the most exciting in recent memory, especially after yesterday’s events.
The Course Car Two weeks ago, the Tour began with a few stages in Holland and Belgium. I attended two stages within a two-hour drive from Luxembourg.

First up, the Bruxelles-Spa stage, which was the first day of a real bloodbath that set the tone of the Tour until it reached the Alps. Here’s the link to the slideshow, which includes thorough notes on the drama of the day. (If you don’t see the descriptions, click on “Show Info” in the top-right corner.)

A 90 minute drive brought my companions and me to a wet and windy spot in Basse-Bodeux, Belgium.
The Roundabout
The spectators are part of the fun, of course — as are giveaways like polka-dot caps. But it was a miserable, rainy day.
The Spectators
It look a little while for the cyclists to arrive, but there was a race, too!
The Race
As usual, some photos didn’t make the cut — but you can still see them in the leftovers photoset.
Finally, a cheer for Andy Schleck, who lost the yellow jersey today under unfortunate circumstances.
Go, Schleck go!
Speakers of Luxembourgish, please correct me when I attempt to say:
Dajee Andy, weider sou!