French lessons: Body Language

My last lesson with my tutor was a review of body parts. She didn’t know the english word for «le foie». Here is the cross-cultural exchange to describe that particular human organ, translated from french. I’m sure you can guess what organ we were talking about:

Tutor: When you drink very much, it gets cirrhose.

Me: Eh?

Tutor: When you drink very much, it will be hurt. It is here. [Points to her side.]

Me: Ah, I understand. This is the section of the geese that one has eaten when it is fat, too fat.

The staff apologize for the appalling pun in the title of this post. Will just can’t help himself sometimes. For the record, superior movie references include: Body Shots, Body Double and Body Count.

Other passable titles:

  • No body is perfect
  • Busybody
  • Organ grinder
  • Vestigial organ

Thank you for your consideration.

1 Comment to “French lessons: Body Language”

  1. Dave said...
    21 August 2009

    This organ is also connected to a disease named after one of the few french words I know, jaune.