Most popular posts of 2010

It’s the time of the year for lazy posts based on data from website analysis. Yay! Here are our ten most popular posts from 2010, according to Google. Enjoy the old content…

  1. Will’s attempt to keep up with the mountain bikers of Luxembourg.
  2. A brief description of a violent storm named Xynthia, from March.
  3. Anita’s plea to vindicate her troubles with the local entrances and exits.
  4. Lovely photos of the Keukenhof springtime bulbs display, by Anita. (It’s especially nice to see flowers this time of year, too!)
  5. The first Flat Stanley of 2010. The final results of our second visitor are coming soon!
  6. The best shopping day of 2010, from late October. Wine! Wood! Highly organized shopping bags!
  7. Will’s broadcast debut, from the Tour de France.
  8. The Bugle’s recommendation for a podcast about European History.
  9. Sharon’s guest post on her stay at the BBB&B
  10. Anita’s adventure in Baden-Baden, with more meteorological content.

Finally, from the Bugle Department of Analytic Curiosities: The Bakker Bugle Blog had the most traffic of the year on December 4th, when hundreds of people from the UK googled “milky bar kid” (and variations thereof) — and landed on Anita’s lovingly written post from 2008. Hello, you crazy white-chocolate-craving tommies!

1 Comment to “Most popular posts of 2010”

  1. Sharon said...
    8 March 2011

    okay so I am way way behind on my google reader activities & I blame only myself & my smartphone, but I am soo excited to have made the list #9…..yeah I am now patting myself on the back…someone actually read it!!!