The wine glass that ate Luxembourg

We knew that Ville-Haute was the premier shopping district in Luxembourg before we even visited the city. ..

French lessons: Body Language

My last lesson with my tutor was a review of body parts. She didn’t know the english word for «le foie». ..

The most useful phrase in French

Anita is becoming famous in some circles in Luxembourg for her French!
For months, she practiced one and only one phrase in French:
Je suis desolée. Je ne parle pas français.

Had enough photos yet? Colmar (Alsace, France)

Just say “uncle” when you want us to do some actual writing for this blog.
At the beginning of August, we took a three-day weekend to visit Colmar, in Alsace. ..

Not finished with the Tour!

Consider this post a wrap-up of our Tour de France coverage for 2009. You’ve seen plenty of photos from our trip to Stage 14, but you haven’t seen the video. ..