Had enough photos yet? Colmar (Alsace, France)

Just say “uncle” when you want us to do some actual writing for this blog.

At the beginning of August, we took a three-day weekend to visit Colmar, in Alsace. The town was well-recommended, and we’d enjoyed the region when we passed through it for the Tour de France.

So we have three brief photosets for you — one for each day — and the customary set of leftover photos for the die-hards. There are plenty of descriptions so that you can tell whether you want to add it to your BBB&B itinerary.

A few little pictures as a preview:

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  1. Katherine said...
    18 August 2009


  2. Laurie said...
    26 August 2009

    Um, even the statue is holding out the white flag of surrender… :)