Pancake Tuesday!

Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Malasada Day, or PÄ…czki Day — whatever you call it, today is the last day before Lent begins. In Ireland, it is Pancake Tuesday!

Photoset: Naples, October 2008

After most of a day in Pompeii, we spent the evening in Naples. We got lost several times, ate pizza on the run, and felt just a little of the nervous energy that the city is famous for.

Wexford coast: first the Bakkers, now peril from the seas

Last weekend, Anita and I drove through one of the few regions of Ireland we had not yet visited: the Sunny Southeast. ..

First Signs of Spring in Dublin

Sunday was gorgeous: warm and partly sunny. Today was almost as nice. It feels like spring!
In some places, robins are a sign of spring. In others, the heavens are the guide.

This Week in the Tumblr

Alert readers have noticed the regular updates to this blog’s sidebar: daily photos, news stories from Ireland and all over the world, and other items of general interest. ..

Caption Five

Hello, Bugle readers! You’ve probably had enough of Italy, from the photos posted this week. So Caption Five is once again from a photo taken in England.

New Photos from Italy: Pompeii, Oct 29

The Bugle’s Photochromacommunal Promulgators prepared, especially for you, a tour of the renowned archeological site of Pompeii. ..

Yes we have winter in Dublin

If you follow the Tumblr photos in the sidebar of this blog, then you’ve seen a few shots of the snow in Dublin this week. ..

Ninetieth Anniversary of The First Dáil Éireann

The Bugle is a bit tardy in reporting the 90th anniversary of the first independent parliament of Ireland. ..

Joyce’s Birthday today!

James Joyce was born in Dublin on this day in 1882. In honour of one of Ireland’s greatest writers, I set out to find his birthplace. ..