First Signs of Spring in Dublin

Sunday was gorgeous: warm and partly sunny. Today was almost as nice. It feels like spring!

In some places, robins are a sign of spring. In others, the heavens are the guide.

Here in Dublin, we know it’s spring when the flocks of tour buses take to the streets. Through winter, we see the odd tour bus wheeling around our city.Spring Tour Buses Their open-top seats are bare of passengers, and they always look like they missed their species’s annual migration.

As of this weekend, the buses appeared in full plumage, with all kinds of people adorning their backs. Today, painters began touching up the pubs and Georgian houses of the city centre. In the complex ecology of the city, it’s not clear whether the two are linked by correlation or causation.

There are other signs of spring, of course. The days are getting noticeably longer (at last). And flower bulbs are blooming everywhere.

Bulbs 1
St Stephens Green
Bulbs 2
Bulbs 3