Christmas Markets are go!

We searched for a Christmas Market all last weekend, without any luck. On Tuesday, we took a short drive to Germany to see Trier, purportedly Germany’s oldest city. ..

La main d’Henry qualifie la France

“Henry’s hand qualifies France” — that’s my translation of the front page of L’essentiel this morning.

First, a short version of last night’s events: Ireland traveled to Paris to play the second match in a two-match series against France. ..

Ready for the Holidays!

The town of Hobscheid is ready for the Christmas season! ..

Free Advice for Landlords, particularly owners of investment property

I wrote the following screed after cleaning our bathrooms and bedrooms carefully enough to remind me of the all the little things that I would fix, if it were my property. ..

Luxembourg News: 15 November 2009

Headlines from the past week: Complicated Scam with Imported Carpets; Car Party for One; Luxembourgers Subject to Belgian Speed Laws; “Unashamed Policy of Class War”; Greenpeace vs Coal-fired Power; and Germans Now Threatened by Panther. ..

Ireland Football: France at Croke Park, tonight!

Anita and I are excited about tonight’s matchup between the Republic of Ireland and France, in the second round of World Cup 2010 qualification. ..

How It’s Renovated: The Rough Cuts

Everybody loves time-lapse movies!

A townhome across from Bugle HQ has been under renovation since we moved here. In fact, every third residence in Luxembourg-Ville seems to be under renovation. ..