Lisbon, anyone?

In the near future, we’ll visit Lisbon. What do you think of when you hear the words “Lisbon” or “Portugal”? Any hot tips?
(Thanks to Lee Kindness for releasing this photo on a free license.)

3 Comments to “Lisbon, anyone?”

  1. Mario said...
    22 February 2008

    There are many words that are synonymous with Lisbon: picturesque, lively yet melancholic, antiquated yet trendy, soulful, and captivating. It is a city where you have to go with no ideas or expectations of how you’d imagine the city to be, or compare it with anywhere else. Lisbon is a very unique city, and should be admired for its history, atmosphere, and breathtaking vistas from its hilltop viewpoints. In short, Lisbon is fantastic.

  2. Lily said...
    23 February 2008

    Lisbon is the most beautiful city in Europe. It’s views are captivating. get lost in the streets of Alfama and step back in time. Take coffee and pasteis in the morning at Cafe Brasileira with the statue of Fernando Pessoa – the favourite poet of Portugal. Find your favourite miradouro and gaze out to the glorious views with you arm around a loved one. As Mario said, it’s a unique place and a unique experience. Portuguese people are wonderful too and there is always a warm welcome.

  3. Keely said...
    3 March 2008

    Where are the photos????