Springfield and Shelbyville

While on a short cab ride in Westport, Kathryn and I struck up a conversation with the driver. We both mentioned how we had visited Westport in August (with our respective families) and how much we enjoyed the town. Kathryn was there during the Arts Festival and she had a specific question for the driver. There were orange “heads” in the river, barely peering out of the water. She wondered if this was just for the festival, or if there were always orange heads in the river.

The driver proceeded to tell us the following story. First, it was a part of the arts festival. We learned that a term of endearment for fellow “Westportians” is Covey. (Will overheard this term during his wandering around during the day, as in “Hello, Covey” or “How are you doing, Covey?”)

Apparently, the town 10 miles over, Castlebar, is a much less desirable place. According to our driver, no self-respecting Westportian would ever want to live in Castlebar. In fact, people from Westport refer to the folks in Castlebar as “Fish-heads”, versus their own friendly “Coveys”.

Our driver said that the joke around town during the festival was that the heads in the water were the Castlebar folks, since they are Fish-heads. The whole town was enjoying the thought of the Castlebar citizens as silly fish-heads in the water.

It’s good to know that friendly rivalries are typical the world around.

3 Comments to “Springfield and Shelbyville”

  1. Dave said...
    29 October 2007

    Sharon, It’s easy to vote multiple times. Just log on to your work computer and home computer and vote from each. Or you can clear your internet cache. There are many ways to stuff the ballot box.

  2. Laurie said...
    2 November 2007

    Great. Now I have that song stuck in my head… “fish heads, fish heads. roly poly fish heads. fish heads, fish heads. eat them up – yum!” Dammit.

  3. David said...
    8 April 2008

    Dirty Coveys ! Stay out of our town !