A day in Alsace

We’re not finished with photos from April, oh no! We drove along the Alsace Wine Route and returned to Luxembourg on the same day. It was a long day, but this is one of our favorite trips in the region.


As you might expect, we have some photos on Flickr to share with you.

There are close-up shots of springtime foilage.
Macro Grapevine



And much more. As usual, we created a primary photoset with descriptions, and then dumped some of the extras into a leftovers photoset.

2 Comments to “A day in Alsace”

  1. Anonymous said...
    14 May 2010

    you smell

  2. The Expatresse said...
    20 May 2010

    Oh, I am loving the link to the Schleck brothers video. I have stolen it and sent it ’round the web.