Sneak Peek: Comparative Timeline

The Bugle staff have been working on an exciting new project that will give you a new way of looking at the world.

Our guests in Ireland would sometimes visit, in the same day or two, three important Irish sites: Kilmainham Gaol (1796-1923 CE), Newgrange at Brú na Bóinne (3500-3200 BCE), and the Guinness Storehouse (2000-present).

Even the most historically aware tourists had trouble grasping the time periods involved: what was going on other places, how long monuments were originally used, and how long it took civilizations to change.

To help visualize the things we talk about on this blog (and in person at the B&B), we are proud to announce the beta version of our timeline.

It has some unusual technical requirements, so it lives on its own page. You can find it at

Comments are warmly welcomed, and we’ll be tweaking it over the next few weeks. Also, we’d really appreciate a snappy name for the thing.

2 Comments to “Sneak Peek: Comparative Timeline”

  1. The Expatresse said...
    19 March 2010

    Oh, I love this sort of thing . . . like relating Henry VIII to what was happening in the US, for example.

    A name like “Parallel Universe” springs to mind, but it’s not very original.

    It also reminds me of my favorite joke (the one my children dread) . . . whenever we are on a tour and the guide says a date (for example, Columbus sailed in 1492 . . .), I always say, “I know. I was in 1493 and the noise kept me up all night.”

    They hate it, but they will all think it after I am dead.

  2. Sharon said...
    23 March 2010

    I think you should call it “The Legacy Builder” or “Comparative Realities”.
    Also seems like nothing important has happened recently or we just don’t know how important it is yet….think on that…….