Ray & Cindy Visit!

We have guests at the B&B! Last week, Ray, Cindy and Will visited two new destinations near Dublin: the Glendalough park in the Wicklow Mountains and the archeological sites of Knowth and Newgrange (which are part of the Brú na Bóinne complex).


There’s lots of information and photos from those two days in the Flickr sets. This past weekend, we visited Switzerland. We’ll add those photos to overall collection of photos for their visit.

3 Comments to “Ray & Cindy Visit!”

  1. Keely said...
    14 May 2008

    I so wish I could catch an error in your picture commentary, as you seem to be winging it. But I surely don’t know any better. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing your travels with us.

  2. Sharon said...
    15 May 2008

    did you find any new waterfalls for Cindy???

  3. Will said...
    22 May 2008

    It was hard to follow Switzerland — but we did find a great (and uniquely Wicklow) waterfall in Glendalough.