Breaking news: Spring sprung in Dublin

If you’ve been paying attention to the weather widget on the right of this blog, then you know that the weather in Dublin took a massive turn for the better a few days ago. Suddenly, people are sitting in the sun, and the trees are blooming and leafing out. It’s spring! (Also, out of the blue, there are tourists everywhere.)

Spring St Stephens Green Dublin

“It will not last,” say the locals, justifiably setting low expectations. “I hope you enjoyed summer, because you’ll not see it again.” I understand their reluctance to celebrate, but the morning news said that the good weather will continue for at least a few more days.

That’s great news, because Anita’s parents will arrive tomorrow. I plan to take them into the mountains south of Dublin (in County Wicklow) on their first day. I think that the mountains’ beauty is impressive in bad weather, when their roughness enhances one’s awe. But in good weather, they are simply spectacular.

Anita and I took a walk on Sunday morning, and I simply must share a bit of what we saw of the residential area close to our place: take a look at the newest photos on flickr.

2 Comments to “Breaking news: Spring sprung in Dublin”

  1. Keely said...
    7 May 2008

    gorgeous!! spring has sprung!!

  2. Jaime said...
    15 May 2008

    Spring has come so slowly to Chicago that your pictures really fed my appetite for spring blooms. How lovely. Thank you for sharing!