Westport this week

Anita had a corporate retreat on the West of Ireland this week, in the town of Westport. I traveled with her, and I wound up walking all around the Westport area. She was cooped up in conference rooms, participating in Important Meetings.

I walked a lot, and almost entirely through rural places. I saw many beautiful and awe-inspiring things. I’ll post the photos soon. Also, Anita and I have some good stories to tell in the coming days.

Anita’s co-workers are intelligent, lively, and they come from all over the world. The best part of the trip was meeting them and talking to them. Plus, the hotel was very nice. For me, it was a pretty good way to spend a few days.

1 Comment to “Westport this week”

  1. Keely said...
    30 October 2007

    not just meetings, but Important Meetings. good of you to acknowledge that, Will. Kim has a problem with this concept.