Random Happenings 7

Editor’s note: Anita went rogue this morning and had a terrible time publishing before she was ready. The Management apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Welcome to 2015! While you would think January and February would be quiet months, Will and I have managed to both have pretty full schedules.

Since my job has many accounting elements, I was busy at work the first two weeks of the year. Even with being busy, we managed to take advance of a beautiful winter day on 4 January by going on a hike near the Mosel. It was exactly what we needed to help our winter spirits.


Our next big adventure was with our friends N and J for a weekend in Antwerp. Will and I have not been to Antwerp, so we were excited to see a new city with friends that had been there before. We had a lovely time exploring Antwerp, plus we added a side trip to Bruges. It was a great way to spend a weekend!


The next weekend was one of my favorite winter events – the Wine Fest! This year I added an extra layer of organization by doing a complete wine inventory prior to the fest. I was organized and disciplined in my purchases….for the most part! We are again well-stocked with our favorite wines.
The inventory, followed by the acquisitions!


Our first kennel guest arrived during the wine fest. Willow came to stay with us while her family went on Nordic ski adventure. While Willow was visiting, we got lots and lots of snow. Rather, we got lots of snow for Luxembourg! Willow and I had a good time exploring the snow on her walks.
The snow came in the late evening and it was lovely, even if my photos don’t do it justice.

The next morning it was even more amazing. Thank goodness Willow was visiting, otherwise I might have missed it.


Just a few days after Willow went home, Cooper the dog arrived for a stay. Cooper is a tiny dog, but he still manages to be even more demanding than any of the big dogs. Since he was with us over a weekend, he went with me on a trip to the farmer’s market. While he looked adorable in the basket, I don’t think he enjoyed it very much.


We also attended Buergbrennen, this time in Roodt-sur-Syre. It was a cold night with an impressive fire. Hopefully, our favorite blogger will write about it soon (thanks Rachel!).

Our last adventure in February was the British Ladies Club’s annual Quiz Night. We went with friends and had a terrific time, even with some of the challenging questions. While we didn’t place, we were happy with our performance.

We didn’t have nearly as many adventures and fun events in January and February, mainly because work was terribly busy. I ended up working nearly every weekend in February, with long hours during the normal work week. Thankfully, the project that was taking up all of my time was completed on 27 February, so hopefully March and April will be a bit more balanced between work and the rest of life.


Since the post was a bit light this time, I thought you might enjoy these photos from the phone…..
We had some really pretty days in January.


In mid-January, before work got crazy, we got out for a hike one afternoon.


There was a special display of these flowers in January. Will looked it up for me when I got home – they are seasonal flowers from the area around Nice. They were so pretty I had to get some for the house.


3 Comments to “Random Happenings 7”

  1. Mom said...
    22 March 2015

    So enjoyed revisiting these busy months with you through the pictures!!!! Thanks!

    Love, MOM

  2. Keely said...
    24 March 2015

    Great update!! I love all of the photos. Hope work is settling down a bit.

  3. Rachel said...
    31 March 2015

    It’s fun to remember when we had so much snow! Now it’s just wind and rain. Dear Spring, please bring warm sunny weather soon!