Former Cubs are a good bet

Well, it’s a tie, but this gimmick is hardly a rousing success so far. Thank you to the two voters for being good stewards of the Bugle franchise.

Corey Patterson’s birthday is August 13, and Melky Cabrera’s is August 11. Both are within a week of my own! So the tie-breaker goes to Mr. Patterson, with the closer one. He’ll be on the roster tomorrow morning.

3 Comments to “Former Cubs are a good bet”

  1. Dave said...
    21 April 2008

    That’s true, usually when someone leaves the Cubs, they’ll be much better than when they were on the Cubs.

    FYI- I voted, “Trust No One” in your latest poll, especially fantasy baseball experts such as Eric Karabell for ESPN. They’re just making stuff up half the time.

  2. Dave said...
    7 May 2008

    Dude, what were you thinking? Rick Ankiel was avaiable on the waiver wire yesterday. He’s better than Patterson. However, he’s no longer available, since I HAD to pick him up. I’ll give you advice, but I won’t pass over a roster move that improves my team.

  3. Will said...
    7 May 2008

    You bastard! It was Bank Holiday Monday here, and as I went to bed, I said, “Damn. I forgot to look at fantasy baseball.”

    You bastard!