And now… Your Team… The Dublin Felons!

After the second week of the season, The Dublin Felons have a respectable 13-7 record, good enough for third place in the league.

The staff would like to introduce a new gimmick — er, feature — for the Bakker Bugle Blog. At several points during the season, you can manage The Dublin Felons! For this week, we let you determine which player will get room service and white balls for batting practice. Just vote in the poll to the right before noon on Wednesday (CDT). Your options are:

In case you’re wondering about the overall lineup: The Dublin Felons currently have three second basemen (Brian Roberts and Dustin Pedroia) and three outfielders. Yes, that’s a serious imbalance. But are the available outfielders worth exchanging for Polanco? You decide!

2 Comments to “And now… Your Team… The Dublin Felons!”

  1. Jaime said...
    14 April 2008

    In the interest of being truthful, I will share that I know next to nothing about baseball players. I understand the game but never got to know the players. However, I absolutely remember that Corey P. used to be a Cub so I am going with what I know. Go Felons!

  2. Dave said...
    15 April 2008

    You have no pitching dept, but plenty of hitting depth. You already have El Caballo as OF depth. I would drop Polanco, and pick up a SP. Jeff Francis is available, and while he hasn’t started well, he was lights out last year for the Rockies and is worth a flier.

    Granted, this advice is coming from a fellow competitor and the 9th place team in the league, so take it as you may. Hesitation Ballchow forever!