A lot of time with little news

29 January 2008.

It’s four o’clock, and I’m sequestered, i.e. stuck in an office with as much character as a Best Western. I’m killing time in Chicago, and it’s killing me right back. Nobody’s keeping me here, but I may as well be behind bars and razor wire.

If there’s one weakness you don’t want in my business, it’s a sense of obligation. When you feel responsibility for other people, you’re caught in a net like a 20-kg tuna off the coast of Newfoundland. And a single thread of fidelity pulled me into this one.

How I wound up here is a short story: I ran away from trouble in Dublin and then ran smack into it in Chi-town.

You’d think that an empty office with cinder-block walls and a big desk would be a good place to tell a story, but it’s not. All my mind does is bounce between how wondering long it’s gonna take before the lawyers get done and savoring the silken idea of yet another cigarette in the cold air.

I can’t get my thoughts together in this place, and that’s a problem if the legal eagles decide to take another whack at my testimony. So for now, I’ve got to concentrate on my job for today. Tomorrow, I’ll start thinking about Dublin again.

2 Comments to “A lot of time with little news”

  1. Sharon said...
    30 January 2008

    is this entry just an enticement for cigarettes???, like an old black & white movie. I like the way you described it. very nice.

  2. Dave said...
    31 January 2008

    You didn’t know that Will has a fondness for Lucky Stripes?