Close Encounters, Monday Night

I don’t believe people who say they saw a UFO. Ninety-nine percent of the time, when you look at one of these people’s lives, there’s a good reason to be skeptical.

When I see something unusual, I always think, “I’d better get out of here.” That instinct has served me well. If I decide to stick around, then I’m not going to stick with “unidentified.” I’ll find out what’s out there.

When I climbed out of our subterranean apartment, I saw something unusual. fitzlights.jpgI was following my girl up the stairs, so I couldn’t just run back down. Eerie lights streamed from the Park, and the air filled with a thrumming noise that sounded like an idling tractor-trailer.

I took some photos, of course, and tracked down my woman. She was talking with the call-girls who work across the street. They were just as worried as me. The girls looked to me for an explanation for what was happening to our neighbourhood. I had no answer. As we returned to the increasingly fragile safety of our home, the lights in the park began flashing: green, blue, purple, red.

This investigation isn’t just a hobby anymore.