Flickr Photos Update: The Visit of Jaime and Sharon

At last, the photos from the epic visit of Jaime and Sharon are available to the loyal readers of the Bakker Bugle Blog. Each photo has a title and most have comments, so click through and enjoy the stories! (For the real details, ask the ladies yerself.)

The best way to view the photos is to start at the Collection Page and click through each day:

3 Comments to “Flickr Photos Update: The Visit of Jaime and Sharon”

  1. Sharon said...
    5 December 2007

    Great pictures- all of them, I should know because I did take a few.
    I was so overly excited that I made a Christmas photocard of Ireland, you know the ones that people usually have of just their kids!!!
    I did organize & album my 400 pictures last nite & it took about 6 hours.
    Longer than I expected, but the 50 holiday cards took less than an hour.

    Well I hope I haven’t bored people too much,
    but they don’t have to read it if they don’t want to.
    I have one more post to submit (just need to get typing) &
    someone else has probably been to busy to do hers.

    PS it snowed like 7 inches here over the last 18 hours-
    it’s winter in chicago 7 & its surrounding areas!!

  2. Will said...
    5 December 2007

    We have freakish weather here — warm and mostly sunny, but with a gusty, strong wing blowing all the time. And tomorrow will make four days in a row of warm wind.

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