Dublin Trash

In the comments of my “Two Tugs” post, someone asked if we were saving all this packing material for another move, versus taking it out to the dumpster. I thought a short post on how trash works in Dublin might explain some of our perceived craziness.

We live in an apartment in a building. We are the only people living in the building – the four floors above our home are offices. Since we’re not in an apartment building, we have to pay for our trash removal. Unlike in Gurnee, where we paid a monthly amount for a 65 gallon waste cart, here we have to pay by the bag. Each 80 liter bag of trash requires a prepaid sticker before the City will pick it up.

Recycling is another matter. I’ve been told that if we put our paper in a green trash bag, the City will pick it up free of charge. However, Will and I can’t find that confirmation on any web page. For glass, aluminum and plastic, we have to take the materials to a “bring bank” and sort the recycling appropriately (unlike our recycling in Gurnee, which was a co-mingled container). We’ve been taking our paper along with the other recycling.

Lucky for us, the movers will come back and pick up all the boxes and packing papers we don’t want. Since we had so much packing paper, the only recourse we had was to smooth it out, otherwise, we would have been run out of house and home. It would take over 20 trips with the Micra to get all this cardboard and paper to a recycling center, so we’re thrilled that the moving company will come back and take it away.

2 Comments to “Dublin Trash”

  1. Theodora said...
    3 July 2007

    free recycling pick up (if it is true) is great motivation to recycle! well – as it stands, i guess it still serves as good motivation to unpack, if just to get the movers to come back and pick up all the stuff. you know…the local public library might have information on recycling (http://www.dublincity.ie/living_in_the_city/libraries/)
    Come on…i can’t help it!

  2. Dave said...
    3 July 2007

    In honor of the fourth of July, I think you should throw all the paper in the street and light it on fire. Or climb up to the top of your building, and make Newspaper Hot Air Balloons. Fold the four corners of paper together and twist them to hold together. (It helps to wet it in your mouth). Make sure there are holes on each side of the paper. Light the bottom on fire, and put it on the ground. The fire will heat the air inside the paper, the paper will lift off, and turn into a burning ball on it’s way up to about 50 feet, before it crashes back down. Endless fun. (And I’m sure the Dublin Jail is a blast as well).