Germany, just a few miles away

We love our guests in the B&B, in part because they give us a good reason to leave the house! The trees and tulips are just beginning to flower, so it’s a good time to drive around our part of Europe. We’re happy to share a photoset of our weekend in Germany, beginning Saturday, 10 April.

Hauptmarkt Trier

As some of you know, the B&B staff insist that guests who arrive in the morning spend much of the day away from the seductive comforts of their rooms. Still, we didn’t want to take our jet-lagged guest too far. So we made the natural choice for an urban destination: Trier. A lovely city, but most of all, a lovely place to sample the local white wines.

Wine tasting in Trier

Sunday, we drove just a little farther, to the Mosel (or Moselle) valley. The valley is renowned to be as beautiful as the celebrated Rhine valley, and more devoted to wine. Ideal!

Mosel Valley road

The weather was not ideal, but we were fortunate to arrive at the most attractive towns during the sunny periods. For example, Zell, the home of the Black Cat wines.

Zell with vineyards

We got to the larger town of Cochem before the sun set and our bellies started rumbling. Take a look at our photoset for much more, and descriptions, too! (These links lead to slideshows. To see the descriptions, click “Show Info” in the top-right corner.)

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  1. Katherine said...
    22 April 2010

    Pictures!!! You just made my lunch break!

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