File under Fitzwilliam Square, Sunday

Sunday, 20 January 2008.

Word on the street is that the blue-bloods of Dublin like to chum around my turf during the gray days of late winter. Nobody asked me to the clambake. Then again, they never do. There’s an upstairs-downstairs smell to this town, like everybody wants to be an English duke or something. To these American eyes, Dublin’s uppercrust drips with hypocrisy.

I can’t assume that this thing is just a shindig for the silk-stockings set. Assumptions get you killed in my line of work. So Sunday afternoon, I looked for more facts, hints, anything that would give me a clue. I need to know who’s behind all this. More important, I want to see who has something to lose.

More photos posted on Flickr. This time, some of the pics are in full resolution, so you can zoom in, on your computer, and look for hidden details. To see the photos in the highest resolution, click on “ALL SIZES” above the smaller version.