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What’s News in Ireland? These links represent the stories that seem to dominate the newsmedia of Ireland.

Independent: Drivers on learner’s permits may be safer
The fiasco about learner’s permits turned the newsmedia’s attention to driving safety. Some counter-intuitive conclusions are being publicized in the wake of the policy shift. When it comes to roads safety, Irish expectations differ from American “common sense” — but not when it comes to children. But in Ireland, the combination of large families and small vehicles makes for an awkward situation for many parents.

Independent: Traditional light bulbs banned
The Greens joined Fianna Fail to form the current Irish government. That didn’t cause a big shake-up, but the number of green initiatives is increasing. This week, the Government announced the official obsolescence of the incandescent bulb.
Guardian (UK): “Dead” kayaker returns to face fraud charges
A man declared dead in 2002 by UK authorities walked into a London police station and declared himself a missing person. For the past two weeks, suspicions coalesced into a criminal case. Now, his wife and himself are charged with fraud.

Independent: Cocaine is a new scourge for Ireland
Cocaine use has been relatively uncommon in Ireland, but the newspapers seized on the story of increased cocaine use recently. The story is all the more dominant, given the apparent role of cocaine in the death of one of Ireland’s beloved models, Katy French.

Independent: Michael Lynn scandal continues
Michael Lynn is a lawyer and property developer who fled Ireland for a second time after defrauding banks and individuals in complex schemes involving multiple mortgages on the same properties.

Independent: EU “constitution” referendum is contentious
Ireland is one of the few EU countries holding a popular vote on major changes to the European Union. Some people say that the changes are a back-door version of the constitutional revisions that were rejected by French and Dutch voters. Others say that the changes are vital and necessary, and that the process of approving them is reasonably democratic. I don’t fully understand the issue yet.

Interesting Links

Ireland’s 1911 census available online
If you’re into genealogy, this may be big news! The National Archives released a big set of data about the residents of Dublin in 1911, and an exhibit about the face of Dublin that year.

The remarkable Guinness family

IKEA in Belfast!
Anita has been waiting for this development with great anticipation. The North is working hard to change its image, sometimes using bizarre means.

Independent: Oprah hearts Obama
This was big news in Ireland, too.

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  1. Dave said...
    2 January 2008

    I hate IKEA. While loading a $100 dining room table into the back of my car, I tripped and fell because of the big posts in the loading zone that prevent you from taking the carts out into the parking lot. I fell on my cell phone, which shattered…. So my $100 table quickly became a $300 table.

    Plus, police had to be called in at a store opening in London, and 2 people died at the opening of the Saudi Arabia store.


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