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External websites to give you a taste of what's possible when you visit

The Visit Ireland section also contains a Dublin page with more specific information about Dublin, including Bakker Bugle exclusive features.

Wikitravel Guide to Dublin
Wikitravel provides a fair general introduction to Dublin. We've already found a few things to disagree with, but it's worth reading to get a mainstream feel for the city.
The Wicklow Way (dot com)
The Wicklow Way is a long, long hiking trail. Its northern terminus is close to our place: a short car ride, a short trip on public transit, or a longish bike ride. The trail gets into the Wicklow Mountains very quickly, so it's a beautiful (and challenging) hike.

Links to Sights around Ireland

More external websites: Stuff outside Dublin

You should take a look at photos of our recent visit, of course.
Heritage Ireland
Heritage Ireland is the government's introduction to historical sites around Ireland. Their descriptions can be short, but the list of sites is unimpeachable.
We saw the national park in Connemara in 2006, and we can't say enough about its breathtaking beauty. This website is an introduction to the area.
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