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Bugle Online Map of Dublin
The Bugle staff regularly add places and information to this interactive map, courtesy of mkmap.com. This resource is a bit experimental at this stage.

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As usual, this page starts with a placeholder of sorts: just a list of websites pertaining to Dublin, that we've found interesting or useful. Look at the Tourism page for links of special interests to visitors.

Insider's Guide to Hidden Dublin
Idiosyncratic, as you'd expect from an Insider. The breadth and depth of this website is impressive, so you can browse around for a while. It's updated frequently, too! It has unique entries on Hidden Pubs, Hidden Bookshops, and
Dublin Pubs, The Definitive Guide
The title is ambitious, but not far from the truth. Their descriptions of the pubs that I've visited are accurate.
The Wicklow Way (dot com)
The Wicklow Way is a long, long hiking trail. Its northern terminus is close to our place: a short car ride, a short trip on public transit, or a longish bike ride. The trail gets into the Wicklow Mountains very quickly, so it's a beautiful (and challenging) hike.
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Dublin Links for Very Long-Term Visitors

Information about Dublin for When You're Stuck Here

As usual, this part starts with a placeholder of sorts: just a list of websites pertaining to Dublin, that you might find useful as a voluntary or involuntary resident.

Be Organic
The practice of getting one's vegetables directly from a local farmer was trendy in the US just as we left for Dublin. Of course, the idea itself is nothing new, but Be Organic offers a home delivery service that's just like the ones we nearly joined around Gurnee.
Irish Independent Online
Of the major newspapers of Ireland, this one has the best website for news, by far.
This website gave us a good idea of what to expect in rental housing for various parts of Dublin.
RTÉ: National TV and Radio Broadcaster
Often, the only worthwhile TV channel in your hotel room! (Of course, guests of the B.B. B & B get access to hundreds of channels via satellite. Nevertheless, RTÉ has an in-browser video player that will let you see great programs about Ireland, like Nationwide. Podcasts are also available; Will listened to Morning Ireland for weeks before moving to Dublin.
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