Trip to Antrim, Part 1

We drove the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland two weeks ago. We had gorgeous weather, and the coast itself was a marvel. We spent two days touring County Antrim (which is north-east of Belfast) and we have lots of photos to share, of course.

The photoset for Saturday, the first day of the trip, is now available for your entertainment. Go to the Flickr webpage for the day’s photos first. If you’d like to use the slideshow feature, click on the first photo (the upper-left corner of the grid) and start from there.

Anita worked hard on the comments, to give you a sense of our trip. We’ll work to make the second day’s photos available as soon as possible. What Anita didn’t mention was that we felt blessed by the extraordinary weather on Saturday: warm, continuous sun. Here’s a preview of the story of that day.

Dunluce Castle near sunset