Luxembourg News Update: 10 Oct ‘09

More news from our town, for your pleasure.

A quick witted customer snatched a robber’s gun out of his hand during a raid on a drugstore in Mondorf yesterday. The robber threatened the shopworkers with the weapon and demanded the cash from the tills. He then fired a shot into the roof of the store for effect. It was at this point that the customer realised he was only carrying an air pistol and made a successful grab for it. The robber then fled empty handed on foot in the direction of the border with France. Police were unable to find him and have appealed for witnesses.
Police prevented a serious accident in the early hours of yesterday morning on the railway line joining Bettembourg and Dudelange. They stopped a woman who was driving her car along the tracks after taking a wrong turning at a level crossing. She managed to get over half a kilometre along the line before the police caught up with her. Witnesses had spotted the incident and CFL railways had already stopped all trains on the line. The woman failed a breathalyser test and had her license confiscated on the spot.
It was a case of handbags at five paces as the players of two womens’ football teams set about each other in a mass brawl on Saturday afternoon. The cause of the fight between the girls from Steinsel and RCFU Luxembourg is still not known. One of Steisel’s players needed treatment in hospital. RCFU Luxembourg’s coach later breathed life into another great football commentator cliché by telling the press that he couldn’t condone this sort of silliness, which had overshadowed the game., but that he hadn’t seen exactly what happened. Steinsel won the game, 2-0.
Building workers called in the Army bomb disposal unit after unearthing a hand grenade. They found while they were demolishing a house in the Rue du Soleil in the capital. The grenade was an American model from the second world war. But it had already been defused and posed no danger any more.
Workmen have unearthed a skeleton while repairing the Place Guillaume. But it’s already been decided that there is no crime to investigate. The square was home to a Franciscan friary from the 13th century, and the area is home to several graveyards. This skeleton is thought to date from the 17th century.
and finally… LADYBIRDS
A massive swarm of ladybirds settled on the north and centre of the country yesterday. Naturalists say the unseasonably warm weather may be responsible for the phenomenon. At this time of year, ladybirds seek out a place to spend the winter. There is nothing to fear from the little red and black beetles, but you might want to keep your doors and windows closed for the next couple of days until the swarm moves on.

And some items that are more than a week old, but that you may still find amusing.

If you’ve been delaying car repairs, listen to this. During the months of October and November, Luxembourg police will conduct random automobile headlight and tire controls. Persons whose cars fail will need to repair the problem and present a compliant car at the police station within three days. Those who do not comply can be fined from from 24 to 145 euros and must appear in court.
Luxembourg police arrested a total of five prostitutes on Monday. In the first arrest, the police men were on a walking patrol on the Rue de Commerce when they were approached by two women who asked them if they wanted to have fun. According to the police report, one of the two women touched one of the officers. The police men were dressed in plain clothes, showed the prostitutes their identification and then arrested them. Later in the evening, police arrested another three prostitutes who were soliciting by using obscene gestures.
Handsome men of Luxembourg your time has come. For the first time Luxembourg is searching for its first Mister Luxembourg. Those men interested in the title should have Luxembourgish nationality, be between the ages of 18 and 30 and be taller than 1 meter 75. A preselection takes place at the end of October and the grand finale is set for the 19th of December. Interested candidates should fill out the registration form and send two photos to pageant organizers. For more information, see

As usual, thanks to ARA City Radio for providing a text version of their amusingly written local news on the web. All news items are copyright City Radio Productions S.A.

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  1. Dave said...
    11 October 2009

    I’m sorry that you are not qualified to be Mister Luxembourg, Will. You’d have my vote.

  2. Will said...
    11 October 2009

    More news, in translation from Point24: The series «Dr House» is the most watched television series in the world in 2008. Each episode was seen by an average of 81.8 million viewers. In 2007, the most watched series, internationally, was «Les experts Las Vegas» (“CSI Las Vegas”).

    For comedies, «Desperate Housewives» was first, before «Monk» and «Ugly Betty». The most watched soap opera in 2008 was «The bold and the beautiful».

  3. Barry Cade said...
    12 October 2009

    But House is played by Hugh Laurie, and evil Brit.